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17th of July 2018


DC Comics Introduces An Extremely Evil New Catwoman

Advertising [x] by Derek Stauffer – on Jul 04, 2018 in Comics

Warning: SPOILERS for Batman #50 and Catwoman #1

Spinning directly out of the pages of Tom King’s Batman series, Catwoman now has her own solo series. Batman artist Joelle Jones is Catwoman’s new scribe and penciler, with the solo series is promising a deep dive into Selina Kyle’s psyche - as her first real enemy isn't just a copycat, but an army of Catwomen.

Catwoman #1 takes place following the events of the cancelled wedding of Batman #50, and follows through on the tragic end to that event, proving there’s no other better adversary for Selina, currently, than a group of doppelgangers.

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The issue finds Selina taking a much understandable break from the superhero life. Living as just Selina Kyle, Catwoman is trying to separate herself from her vigilante life (and Batman). But just like any hero - and Catwoman is a full-fledged superhero now - there’s no real luck escaping the hero life.

Catwoman's new life has taken her outside of Gotham, though it’s unclear where exactly (probably rather far away from Bruce Wayne’s hometown). The new location is coming with a whole host of new villains for Catwoman to face. Not colorful characters like Batman's rogues gallery, but a burglar and violent criminal using her name and (old) costume. Several of them, as it turns out, who seem to be bankrolled by a new foe.

The issue introduces a woman named Raina Creel, wife of a governor who's taking her husband’s public platform and power and using it to build a criminal empire. In keeping with her use of copycatting, everything about Raina is a lie, including her refined appearance. Raina’s private face is much different than the one she presents to the world. It’s not subtle, but it’s an obvious commentary on Selina’s own double life.

Catwoman #1 is mostly a tease for what’s to come in the series. In fact, it’s not even obvious exactly what Raina wants besides general villainy. However, regardless of how people feel about how Catwoman and Batman’s engagement came to an end, it’s a smart move to have Selina on her own with a very personal villain.

Selina facing a militia of criminal Catwomen will undoubtedly cause the character to prove (or disprove) how far she’s come as a character. Selina isn’t the same selfish thief that she used to be when she was just a Batman rogue. She’s not even really an anti-hero either, doing more for others than herself, especially when engaged to Batman.

However, Raina’s plan to use the face of Catwoman proves that the public still feels negatively about Gotham’s main cat burglar. Now Selina has a real chance to show that she’s changed, fighting her own negative reputation while taking on her doppelgangers.

If there was ever a chance for Selina to really have her own identity and a powerful epic tale, now is the time. The opening arc of Catwoman’s solo series might not be that story. But it's a solid jumping off point for Catwoman and chance for readers to get re-associated with the character after her run in Tom King’s Batman.

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Catwoman #1 is available now from DC Comics.

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